Needle in the Hay: Mix it up

I am back again with Needle in the Hay, a feature at Chic Stripes where I find an inspirational street style picture (or personal outfit) and take a closer look at what exactly makes it a great outfit.

This picture is of the lovely Kelly from the glamourai who is a constant source of fashion inspiration for me.  She is one of the few innovative bloggers whose style is consistently fresh, yet never un-wearable.  I always love reading her blog, which you can find here.

Needless to say I am in love with her outfit here.  It is the perfect representation of how I would wear mixed patterns.   From reading her blog I have determined that she is the queen of “mixology,” the art of mixing prints, which is fast becoming the best way to up your fashion style and create a unique look.  What sets this outfit aside for me is the perfect combination of checked jacket and patterned top.  Looking at this picture I think, that would be SO easy to do.  But somehow my brain hasn’t figured out how to do this — yet.  Maybe this is a sign I need to be stocking up on more jackets and patterned shirts (plus a bigger closet).  My problem seems to be that while I may have one item that is perfect (think, jacket I saw at H&M the other day, similar to Kelly’s but is tan tweed looking linen with black lining and pockets), I have no idea what to pair with it!  I’m thinking a navy and crimson floral?  Which of course means only one thing.  I need to get that bigger closet.

Does anyone else struggle with mixology?  It works great for editorials, but how do you wear it in real life?

Image courtesy of Kelly at the glamourai


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