The Working Girl’s Wardrobe

For the last three years I have been in grad school, pouring over the books, writing papers, and meeting deadlines.  Graduation is in less than a month and as I have interviews approaching, I am realizing that my closet (while overflowing) is lacking a few key things: business attire!  While I could last for days dressing in flowy dresses, ruffled mini skirts, oversized t-s, and funky shoes, that doesn’t quite cut it for the 9-5 (or the 7:30-3:30 job in an inner city school I’m interviewing for). 

In an ideal world I would get to dress like I work in at a fashion mag where pretty much anything goes and I can wear all my favorite “ugly” clothes that I love so much.  OR I would just wear Balmain.  All the time. 

 But on the more practical (and less expensive) side of things, how do you dress for work every day?  What kind of job do you do and how do you incorporate your personal style into what could otherwise be a boring power suit?

Images courtesy of The Cut


2 thoughts on “The Working Girl’s Wardrobe

  1. I have been forced into the world of professional attire as well…I look for unique black or dark colored blazers at thrift stores to pair with black slacks. My favorite is a lace blazer I found at a consignment shop that I normally pair with a ruffled button down shirt and a black pencil skirt.

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