Needle in the Hay: Floral Leggings

This is one of the first street style photos I ever saved.  I really just love every bit of this girl’s outfit from the top of her high bun, chunky knit scarf, brown bomber jacket, oversized t, and to even those bright floral leggings.  Now, I don’t know that I could pull off her floral leggings, or even bright-colored leggings.  Something about pulling on bright pink leggings makes me think I have covered my legs in peto-bismol… not the fashion look I typically go for.  But, I have seen a fair amount of girls wear them and actually look good in them.   Two great examples are my sisters.  One of  them owns sparkly black leggings that she wears and I can totally see my other sister wearing something bright and patterned.  The key to pulling off this look is to incorporate plenty of neutrals, and of course, plenty of confidence.   The neutrals are what makes this street style picture work for me.  She has paired something bright with three, actually four, different neutrals: grey, white, brown, and black.  And remarkably, she doesn’t look like a walking crayon.

Would you ever, or do you constantly, wear bright-colored/patterned leggings?   What do you pair it with to tone down the colors?

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