College, Comfy, and Chic

“Great look on the blog! I’m a college student who hates to dress up for class, is there a way I can be comfy yet still stylish? PS-I wear a lot of leggings and hoodies.”

Surviving college depends on a lot of coffee, skipping class, and reading  In the case of students trying to stay fashionable while attending 8 AM classes, surviving typically depends on leggings and uggs.  Well, I am here to let you know that you can look cute, be comfy AND resist the urge to live in spandex and shapeless boots.  My adorable and completely fashionable sister has inspired this week’s styling post with her question.

Look #1

Try dressing up leggings (see I don’t totally hate them!) with a tunic tee or simple dress.  Play with bright patterns or different textures such as silk or linen instantly dresses up the outfit.  Pair with gladiator sandals or cute flats and you’re ready in 10 minutes or less.

Look #2

Pair a t-shirt dress with a structured vest or a drapey cardigan.  Adding an extra layer with something as simple as a vest is a great way to add interest and shape without letting you overheat as summer approaches.

Look #3

Lastly, try a loose wide leg pant with a simple t or tank.  Exploring pant fabrics beyond jeans is a super easy way to infuse a little fashion into an otherwise ordinary outfit.  Another way to try this is with a patterned pant.  This might take a little more daring, but when coupled with a solid color tshirt, it’s the perfect easy early morning outfit.   A little accessorizing with a hat or necklace and you’re class ready!

All images courtesy of Forever 21


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