Champagne Evolution

My best friend is a wonderful model, photographer and make-up artist.  I was reading through my list of blog sites this morning and came across this photo of Natalia Vodianova and it reminded me so much of a photo shoot we did together.   I love the blurriness and action of such a still shot. 

Below is one of the four pictures we took for the shoot she titled “Champagne.”  This was one of the most fun shoots we have ever done together.  I was literally dancing (think modern dance class in college) and she was jumping up and down with the shots that were coming out.  In the past (our early days of experimenting with photoraphy, make-up, and styling) we’ve put together some crazy shoots: a colorful playground, giant hand statue, graffiti alley-way with us drenced in water. You name it and we’ve publically humiliated ourselves to get that pefect shot.  We’ve come a long way in our methods to say the least!  Check out her site for more of her beautiful work. 

Images courtesy of refinery29 and jmayevolution


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