Bringing Out the Road Warrior in Me

Have you ever watched a movie and felt like you were just watching a fashion show, but in a good, un-forced, “I want to wear everything I just saw” kinda way?  I had that experience recently when my husband and I saw The Book of Eli.  The movie had a very Road Warrior, Water World esque grunge look it, that while not sexy or glamorous, we LOVED.    It seemed like every two seconds we were leaning over to each other whispering:

me: Did you see her sunglasses??  I need them!

him: I think they are Mosley Tribes.

me: How do you know these things?

him: I like their stuff, so I recognize it.  Just like you point out every Balenciaga bag or Balmain thing you see.

[10 minutes later]

him: I want a jacket just like that.  And talk about sweet fingerless gloves.

[Next scene]

me: I love those cargo pants.

him: They would look hot on you…

You get the picture… It seems like we talked more about the clothes than the actual movie! (Which was very good by the way, highly recommend seeing it).  But I really did love everything Mila Kunis’ character, Solara, wore.  It was the perfect mix of grunge/girlyness/and sweet shades.  I get the feeling that if my wardrobe looked like Solara’s I could definitely kick some but.

To get Mila’s look in the Book of Eli, just follow these quick easy steps:

  1. Rip up a flannel shirt.
  2. Wear tons of mismatched layers.
  3. Find a furry vest and/or army jacket.
  4. Braid your hair to keep your girlyness.
  5. Wear amazing shades to keep your glamor.

Were you as struck by the grunge outfits in this movie as we were?  What are your favorite designers that do the “grunge” look?

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