Top Hats and Big Tents

I was reading The Cut this morning and when I found an article about the latest Project Runway episode assignment: to design an outfit inspired by the Ringling Bros. Circus.  Since I am actually headed to the circus tonight and wrote a post about it yesterday, I just had to post some of the designer’s creations.  Which of these outfits are your favorite?

Mila – I’m liking the jacket from the back, but not so sure about hot pink leggings.  They remind me of cotton candy. 

Jay — I’m loving the strong jacket!  Of course it reminds me of Balmain so what’s not to love?  The red and gold definitely hints at a ring leader of a circus, but it’s not too flashy to be unwearable.

Seth Aaron — No, no, and just no!  Apparently he made it past this round with is circus dress and is known in past episodes for his elaborate costume-like designs.  Who knows, maybe he’s the next Alexander McQueen?  I don’t watch the show enough to say, but what are the die-hard PR fan’s opinions of Seth?

Anthony — very pretty dress, but where’s the inspiration??  The judges say he lacks technical skills, and if I have my episodes right, isn’t he the one that made a pink bikini with washers (those little metal hardware thingys) attached? 

Emilio — Hands down, my favorite!  This dress is just gorgeous and I can totally see the circus inspired details without it being to over the top.  I’m also loving the mix of stripes with polka dots…. I want  this dress. 

Any Project Runway fans out there?  Should Istart watching the show?

All images courtesy of The Cut


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