B to the R Discounts in my Future

My  brother-in-law recently got a new job working at Banana Republic and my first thoughts were not, “Good for him, gainful employment!” but “oohh goody discounts for me!”  I’m all in favor of using family for discounts especially when there are clothes involved.  My all time favorite item to shop for in BR is their jewelry.  I go crazy over their beautiful necklaces, chunky, jeweled up bracelets, and huge cocktail rings.  I once spent $100 on jewelry, had instant buyers remorse, and sadly returned half my purchases.   So I am happy to finally have an inside conspiring salesman to keep me well accessorized.  And don’t even get my started on how I want everything they sell for my work wardrobe…  Here are just a few things I’m craving now.

What is a store that you could shop in and wear to death everything they make?  Any relatives or friends that work in your favorite stores and hook you up with fabulous discounts?

Images courtesy of Banana Republic.  In order from left to right: Lyra wooden bead necklace, $59.50/Aurora medallion earrings, $45/Sea anenome ring, $39.50/Sleeveless romper, $59.50/BR monogram gold sandstone skirt, $89.50/Hertiage slouchy boyfriend roll-up short, $79.50 

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