Needle in the Hay: Bringing Back the Neck Scarf

Meet Demni, shot by the amazing Vanessa Jackman. Vanessa has a great street style blog where she posts not only amazing photos of personal styles, but she also tells a story about the people she shoots.  I really enjoy the personal touches and backgrounds she gives about her subjects.  For me it is even more inspirational than just a photo because it helps to ground the looks in the real world.

There are so many things to love about this photo and Demni’s style, but what drew my eye was her neck scarf.  It totally completes this outfit.  It has the perfect bit of design and color and draws your eye upward.  Admittedly, neck scarves are a tricky bit of fashion to get right and one I have yet to try.  But I think they would work beautifully for an office wardrobe and will be something I try come fall.

But for now, what do you think about scarves for summer?  I think a silky neck scarf in bright colors would bring the perfect amount of causal and sophistication, especially when paired with a white button down and shorts.  What are some other outfits you could pair a fun neck scarf with?  And, most importantly, would you wear one?

Image courtesy of Vanessa Jackman


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