Stylish Gents

As promised, I (with the input from my fashion conscious husband) am starting a mens fashion category here at chicstripes.  Mens fashion is something that I find very intriguing because it almost seems to be more complex than women’s fashion.  Don’t get me wrong I love all of the different designs and details that designers are able to do with women’s clothes (dresses, hemlines, shorts, pants, tops, necklines, shoes, hair…you get the picture).  So to see a truly well designed and innovative mens item is just fun.

For instance, we were in Need Supply Co. the other day browsing their sales rack when my husband spotted a grey pullover/hoodie.  But this was not your ordinary hoodie.  This one had draping over the neckline that almost looked like 2 or 3 different necklines built up on each other.   In my husband’s words it was “bad ass .”

Look-a-like bad ass hoodie from Need Supply Co.

There are obviously great men’s labels out there, but it seems hard to find unique tailoring or designs that are still reasonably priced.  So if you don’t opt for Rick Owens or Paul Smith, you end up with Target or Gap.  As an aside here, my husband loves to shop Gap for basics and you are always guaranteed to find great men’s basics for a reasonable price… But they don’t tend to be too adventurous fashion wise.

For all you men readers out there (or the girlfriends on behalf of their men), where do you go to find fashionable guy’s clothes?  What designers do you like that make cool clothes?

Image courtesy of Need Supply Co.


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