Get ready for the summer heat

Here in Richmond we have extreme summer heat waves.  It’s not just the heat, but the humidity and miles on concrete that absorb the sun’s rays.  This weekend is a foreshadowing of the heat to come.  While we are still technically in spring, it’s been 80 degrees all weekend here.  I love it, don’t get me wrong, but it’s forcing me to find ways to stay stylish without wearing too many clothes!

I want a pair of shorts just like this girl’s.  They look like a darker shade of the hot & spicy OPI nail polish I just bought and are perfect for summer.  The layering of a vest with a simple white tank keeps it comfy, cool, and equally fashionable.

Take a look, though, at her feet.  Clogs!  This picture was taken long before they became “stylish” on the runways of Chanel and others recently.  I am not saying I like them, I’m rather indifferent actually.  Some I don’t think look too bad and I might even consider wearing a pair with the right outfit.  Like anything else, they are something that I would wear if I thought in that instance they completed a look.  But it is just interesting to see how fashion recycles itself.  Maybe next time around I’ll fall for clogs hook line and sinker.  Or maybe not…

What’s your favorite way to stay cool and stylish when the summer heat hits hard?  And what’s your take on the every controversial clog issue?

Image unknown


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