Return of the T-Shirt

“Has the warmth of the atmosphere returned to your side of the earth?  If it has, then so must the t-shirt.  This is the return of the 2010 t-shirt.” — intro by my hubby

First of all, I would like to credit my husband with the dramatic intro sentence to this post.  He is an incredibly creative and funny guy who also puts up with all my babble about fashion this, model that, and oh look its fashion week again!  As such, this post about t-shirts if all for him, a guy who loves cute dresses, but probably loves the basic t-shirt even more.  (As a secret to all the girly girls out there, don’t worry, I’ve included plenty of ways to dress it up!)

Look #1: Plain Jane (and comfy)

This is probably the easy look to wear as it’s super simple and very versatile.  All you need to do is find a plan t-shirt, pair it with jeans and throw on flats or sandals.  For those of us who can’t manage to even go grocery shopping with some sort of fashion influence, it’s easy add a few of the extra touches.

Extra touches:

  • throw a t-shirt over a body con dress
  • tuck a t into a skirt
  • layer with cardigans
  • add a scarf
  • look for interesting neck lines such as a v-neck or boat neck

Look #2: Glam it Up

Glamming up a t-shirt is mine and my husband’s way of compromising on t-shirt wear.  He loves simple and I love excessive.  One great look combines a great graphic (or plain) t-shirt with shorts and tights which give me an instant fashionable update.  My go-to outfit for a t-shirt revolves around variations of skinny jeans, flat boots, structured blazer and chandelier earrings.

Extra touches:

  • long graphic t tied with a waist belt and paired with leggings or skinny jeans
  • pair a regular t with leggings and sandals
  • jewelry, jewelry, jewelry!

Look #3: Wear it Out

Whether it’s to a business brunch or after work social, pairing a graphic t with dressy jeans and a fitted blazer does the trick.  For a great night-time look, try a killer pair of heels, cropped pants, your favorite t and piles of jewelry.  You’ll be ready for a night on the town in no time and as an added bonus you’ll stand out from the rest of the cookie cutter halter and mini skirt crowd.

Extra Touches:

  • Grab an animal print or patterned clutch
  • For business look for t’s with abstract or floral prints
  • For night go with bold graphics or cute slogan

What’s your favorite way to wear a T?

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