Rainy Day Wear

A style question I often get is what to wear when it’s pouring cats and dogs outside.  It’s easy to just throw on an old hoodie and some tennis shoes, but let’s face it, no fashion girl really wants to throw on tennis shoes unless she’s hitting up the gym or they are actually cute – and then you don’t want to actually get those wet.  So what to do?  Believe it or not, it is easy to put together a fashionable outfit.  Here’s a step by step plan for what to pull out of your closet next time the cloud are pouring down.

Step 1: For me, the most important fashion item for a rainy day is a great pair of rain boots.  If you’ve got a good pair of boots, they do the talking and you can relax the rest of your outfit.  When looking for boots, you want something that is water repellant.  No suede, flats, or sandals here.  The height and style is totally up to you, but whether short or tall, plain or colorful, keep it simple.  Some great boots and styles to try: Hunter, Target, Frye, motorcycle boots

Step 2: Add your bottoms.  This can be a skirt, leggings, skinny jeans, even shorts paired with tights.  If it’s raining, you don’t want your pants to get wet, so find something you can tuck into boots or that doesn’t come near the ground, like a skirt or a short dress.

Step 3: Throw on your top layer.  This can be anything from a tunic top, simple tank, layered hoodies, or a fun t-shirt.  Weather pending, add a jacket or scarf.  If you tend to stick to dark basics, adding a fun colored print scarf adds interest.

Step 4: One big bag.  There is nothing worse than hauling around multiple huge bags.  Find a cute stylish tote and throw everything in the one bag: purse essentials, laptop, text books or whatever else it is you carry on a daily basis.  It’s so much easier to keep dry than juggling a lot of bags.

Step 5: Cap your look off with a sunny umbrella.  Find a few you like and stash them everywhere.  I don’t know how many times I have gotten in my car, gone to school, the office, or work, only to have it rain while I’m out and realize my umbrella is in the house, car, or just plain lost.

Images courtesy of Urban Outfitters, Target, and Anthropology


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