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I firmly believe that fashion is wearing what you want, when you want, whether it’s “ugly” or not, and having massive collections of shoes and jewelry. I’ve come up with a list of three of my 21st Century style icons who have made transformations from trend to individualization, have a serious devotion to fashion, and can rock ugly and rock it with attitude. Who are your style icons and why would they make your list of icons?

1. Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen – They both have very distinct and individualized styles which has evolved highly from their Full House days. What I lovelovelove about these two is how they have become fashion icons for their love of clothes. They aren’t known as just as actresses who wear great dresses. It even seems that they aren’t really thought of as actresses at all anymore, which screams volumes to how far they have come fashion wise. This is why they inspire me:

• They’ve created two amazing fashion lines (think The Row and Elizabeth and James)

Image courtesy of The Row

• They re-wear clothes, accessories, shoes, and bags which just shows that fashion is about individuality and loving what you wear

• They love vintage. Without a doubt you can always find an Olsen in vintage whether it’s Christian Lacroix or a plaid t-shirt.

Image courtesy of

• They are daring. I wouldn’t always wear what they wear, but they’re willing to push boundaries and no one else dictates their fashion choices but them.

• They are tiny! The fashion industry caters to those women with legs and a body for miles but no one can doubt the Olsen’s statuesque figure when it comes to fashion. Which gives hope to all us petite girls out there.

2. Nicole Richie – She just epitomizes cool to me.  She is another woman that proved she was not just a brief reality TV starlet and stamped her name in fashion for casual ease.  Here is why Nicole’s is one of my fashion icons:

• She has a definitely style that she sticks to, but she still explores other looks and transforms easily from boho to glamour.

• She made being pregnant a fashion statement and gave hope to women everywhere that birthing a child does not mean you have to wear pants with an elastic waist.

Images courtesy of a pea in a pod

• She’s creative and her designs are proving themselves.  Her jewelry line, House of Harlow 1960 and her upcoming women’s clothing line, Winter Kate, are also unique and sweetly named after her daughter.  So aside from fashion, she’s a committed mom.  Awesome right?


Images courtesy of and

3. Victoria Beckam – What can you say about Posh Spice?  Somewhere along the lines she burst on the fashion scene and stayed there.  Her transformation from British pop sensation to fashion designer has received a lot of talk around yet “another celebrity with a fashion line.” But Victoria has staying power, her line has garnered a lot of well deserved admiration and she keeps her line very hands on, showing her latest collection at NY Fashion Week to a small selective audience.  Aside from loving the song “What she really really wants,” here are a few other reasons why I love Posh:

• This is a woman that values looking polished 24-7.  You cannot fault a woman that wears the most painful looking heels and fashionable outfits to the most glammed up or sports oriented event — and still look utterly fab doing it.

• She’s sexy, adorable when she smiles, and has a few surprising tricks up her sleeve.  This Glamour editorial she did was totally out of character for the usual put together, restrained victoria we know and love.  How does she make washing floors look good??


Image courtesy of

• Aviator hats.  She loves them, so she wears them.  She gets a lot of flak from people who don’t think they are fashionable, and while not all of them may be exactly chic, she apparently loves wearing them, so more power to her.  Isn’t that what fashion is about?

• She has substance.  underneath her glam and polished exterior, she’s not just a passing celeb turned designer.  She follows the Olsens in founding a surprising very successful fashion line: VB.











Images courtesy of


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