Needle in the Hay

Another feature I am going to roll out periodically is what I call Needle in the Hay.   I love looking at street style pictures (I bought The Satorialist by Scott Schuman as soon as it came out and could spend hours starting at the outfits and photos).  In these posts, I will put up a street style picture and then try to pinpoint what is that one perfect detail that makes these outfits work.   While you may not agree with me, that’s the beauty of street style.  Fashion is as fashion does and what I love and thinks make an outfit come together someone else might totally hate.

As I was searching through my folder of street style pictures, this one stood out to me.  There’s nothing particularly eye-catching to look at it, but I knew I had saved it for a reason.  Isn’t it interesting to think that even your own opinion of fashion and what is fashionable can change over the course of several months or even a year?  Anyway, I love this picture now because of the casual mixing of neutral colors.  This student from France easily threw on gray, brown, and light tan, breaking the no black and brown fashion rule while making it all look so effortless.  I love mixing brown and black or other neutrals that “don’t go together”, so I found this picture to be particular inspiring.

What can you find in this picture that you like?  Or don’t like?

Image courtesy of The Satorialist


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