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This blog is still pretty young (20 some days if you’re counting) so there are a lot of changes going and new ideas being added.  If you haven’t yet, check out the Styling by Sydney Page page.  It will be a collection of all of the links posted on the main page that answer personal styling questions.  So feel free to leave comments there or email me directly at

Another new and really exciting page that will be coming soon is a section on men’s fashion.  This will be a collaboration of posts by my super stylish husband and myself on men’s trends, places to shop, etc.  I’m thrilled to bring this to chicstripes because it will be a learning experience for myself on men’s fashion (something I don’t know too much about) plus it’s something  I can do with my super hott hubby.  And you men out there should be excited as well because I have never met a guy whose closet space rivals mines and is filled with manly basics of the best t-shirts, pants, sweaters, and cool jackets.

Images courtsey of and

So stay tuned, this will be fun!


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