Baby Dontcha Love Me?

ok, have a fashion question for you – i need to go shopping for spring (hint hint *cough cough*) and i really love summer dresses, esp the babydoll ones b/c they’re so comfy!  that being said, they also make you look pregnant.  what are some form-flattering looks for curvy women that aren’t skin tight (so many light materials are cut to be TIGHT) but that don’t make me look like a mommy-to-be.  or not to be.  maybe just fat.  ok…help. — Jennifer

My second question comes from my best friend of 12 years, a fabulous makeup artist, model, and emerging photographer.  She always looks chic and well put together and tends to either stick with cute basics or flirty extremes (sheer leopard print top anyone?).  She loves dresses that flatter her figure, so I’ve put together a list of do’s and don’ts to avoid that the mom-to-be look as well as, of course, her own mini look book.

Do’s: -Emphasis your waist!  So many summer dresses focus on the bodice of the dress and forget about shaping the waist.  A well defined waist creates curves, interest in the outfit, and can help avoid trouble spots.  Wrap dresses are a great way to define a waist and they can also be easily adapted to any body type.  – Detail the dress!  Look for styles that have ruching, beads, lace, or other fun detailing along the front of the dress down to just past the waist to stopping just above the hips.  This effect will smooth the dress out before ending in a spring flair.  – Slim down and print up.  Look for dresses that have a slim sillohette straight through.  Finding these dresses in fun prints such as a bright leopard or big flowers will keep the sillohette from looking dated.  – Diversity your fabrics.  Look for dresses with fabrics such as linen which are not designed to cling to the body.
Don’ts: – Avoid dresses with a tight bodice that flair straight out.  the only people who should wear these dresses are 12 year olds or people who actually are pregnant.  They have no shape and create an unflattering sillohette.  – Avoid the body con trend for spring.  These are great dresses for a sexy night out or fall/winter, but spring begs for flowy dresses. – Avoid t-shirt dresses, unless you are lounging at home, again.  These can be adapted with a belt to create a waist shape while still remaining casual, but on the whole, they are not very “springy.”  – Avoid bubble dresses!!  The banding at the bottom is not flattering on all women and it creates the poofy bubble effect.  – Avoid fabrics that stretch as they are not very forgiving to different shapes nor do they look very classy.

Images left to right

Row 1: Frill Wrap Dress, Topshop. Pintuck Lace Dress, Topshop. Lace-up Sun Dress, Topshop.

Row 2:Belted Ruffle Dress, Arden B. Belted Floral Print Dress, Arden B. Floral Scalloped Dress, Forever 21.


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