Ready, Set, SHOP!

I love Target’s design partnerships with huge names in fashion.  They have influenced everyone from Kohl’s (Simply Vera by Vera Wang) to H&M (Sonya Rykiel and most recently Jimmy Choo).  Target gets a special applause for bringing in designers your average shopper has never heard of.  Case in point, during the Thakoon collection, I overheard one girl pull down a shirt, stare at it, and remark, “This is just weird!  And I’ve never even heard of Thakoon.” I felt like pulling her aside and giving her a quick fashion rundown, but thought better of it.  Rodarte is another edgy collaboration that recently hit Target stores (and their sheepskin jacket, to-die for!  If anyone has an extra small lying around, please let me know!).

But, tomorrow marks the day that a huge designer descends on your local Target store.  French designer and creative director of Hermes: Jean Paul Gaultier.  Gaultier is known for his rock and roll style and for creating many of Madonna’s onstage outfits, the cone bra corset top anyone?  He follows fashion greats Alexander McQueen (fashion misses him deeply) and Anna Sui.  Each designer chose a muse for their collection.  McQueen gave homage to Leila Moss while Sui chose the oh-so modern Gossip Girls.  According to a Target spokesperson, Gaultier chose the American woman, “celebrating the forces of style both past and present in American pop culture.”

The collection is sure to be amazing, so check it out: March7 – April 11.

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