What TO Wear to a Winery with Virginia Wine Expo #SPONSORED

As you may have read in this post, I recently visited a great Virginia winery in Charlottesville. It was my first trip to a winery and despite the vast amount of photos I’ve seen of other people at wine related events, I had no idea what to wear. Ironically, I ended up overdressed and in flip flops, which is not a very chic look. While there, I saw a huge range of dress to include shorts, maxi-dresses, sun dresses, and even casual blue jeans. But I did take note of two women who nailed the perfect outfit.



Shop the look here at Keaton Row

The first woman I spotted was wearing a beautiful, sleeveless, navy/cobalt, midi-dress with eyelet and lace inserts. She had on casual yet event appropriate sandals with a very small cork wedged heel and large tortoise sunglasses. Her look was so perfect for the day and it appeared both extremely put together and elegant while retaining that air of simplicity you want when walking around sipping wine. If you want to replicate her look on your own, follow these simple steps: 1) Choose a navy or cobalt dress, preferably below the knee length with small details such as lace or eyelet. You want to avoid fussy fabrics like silk or too many details (i.e. ruching, velvet, etc.) that you can’t dress down as easily. 2) Find a black sandal. You do not want to be that woman with obnoxiously complicated shoes, so keep things easy with a flat or wedge sole (between 1-2 inches) with cork or other natural materials, and black uppers. The black is key here as the blue and navy will contrast for a very classic look. 3) Lastly, follow up with gold and black accessories. If you like arm parties, stack it up or if you are more minimal, try a few rings or studs.


Shop this look here at Keaton Row

The second woman was wearing a much more casual outfit, but it was striking in her attention to details. She had paired black skinny jeans with a feminine lace top, a gorgeous turquoise pendant necklace and the requisite black floppy hat. She had simple black sandals and no other noticeable accessories. If you want to try this look it’s very easy: 1) Find a pair of black jeans that fit you well, but are comfortable. This look may be better for an indoor wine event such as the Virginia Wine Expo (for details keep reading!) or an early spring or late fall winery trip. 2) Choose a lace sleeveless top. This can also have added details such as a peplum or high or low neckline. You could even go with a t-shirt style lace top if sleeveless isn’t your preferred preference. 3) Get a floppy hat! The good thing about this detail is that you can make this an inexpensive, trendy purchase if you don’t typically wear hats. 4) Stand out with Southwest inspired jewelry. Again, this can be a trend-based purchase or you can use it as an excuse to start a collection of this gorgeous jewelry. 5) Top off the look with simple, flat black sandals.


Now that I am more comfortable in knowing what to wear to wineries, I can’t wait to check out some of the many, many wineries (approximately 252 according to this site) that are located in Virginia or wine-related events such as the Virginia Wine Expo, an annual event that brings a lot of our Virginia wineries together under one roof. While I have never attended this event before (which really shouldn’t come as any surprise seeing as how I had never been to a winery), the Virginia Wine Expo has become known as the nation’s premier single-region wine event, heading into its 8th year on February 17-22. In addition to the tastings, what they call “Grand Tasting,” the Expo offers visitors the opportunity to meet vineyard owners and winemakers, a culinary and beverage feature that is growing in popularity as many people are seeking more farm-to-table, or in this case, vineyard-to-table, experiences with their food and drink. If you are in Richmond, I highly suggest getting tickets early as many of their special/featured events (such as the Burger Blast) have sold out at past Expos. I have my eye on the Sunday tickets which allow for tastings at an affordable price, but there’s also a Virginia cider and cheese tasting on Saturday which sounds absolutely delicious. Even if you are not local to Richmond, the event is a destination one and I hope to see you there, maybe in one of the Winery Inspired looks!

This post was sponsored by and created in collaboration with the Virginia Wine Expo. I was compensated monetarily for the post. All opinions and text is my own. I receive commission from any items purchased through Keaton Row.


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Midweek Chic: Laid Back + Clothes Mentor Short Pump Ladies Night Out

2014.10.28LaidBackAfter spending a week in Colorado, I am gravitating towards laid back, simple looks. This is usually  my style anyway, but I’m digging outfits with a weird twist or unusual item. Take these shoes paired with the sweater and slacks. I think this could look super chic with ankle jeans, but I liked the almost androgynous look the slacks gave the outfit.

2014.10.28LaidBack22014.10.28LaidBack32014.10.28LaidBack4Outfit details:

sweater – J. Crew from The Clothes Rack / slacks – Banana Republic / shoes – Cole Haan from Baggio Consignment / earrings – estate sale

PSSST – Need something to do tomorrow night? You’re invited to Ladies Night Out at Clothes Mentor Short Pump! I’ll be there dishing style tips all night and sharing my picks from the store. It’s a great way to try shopping 2nd hand 1st!

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Life: Colorado

2014-10-19 15.01.502014-10-20 10.41.34 - Copy2014-10-20 14.54.012014-10-20 15.11.422014-10-21 12.07.472014-10-21 14.53.412014-10-20 16.37.112014-10-23 15.08.27
2014-10-24 10.16.18
2014-10-24 10.55.462014-10-24 11.13.352014-10-24 12.03.49

1 – Clear Creek Canyon. A destination for professional climbers, we both hiked, watched climbers, and climbed ourselves. I manged three relatively difficult climbs here (with the aid of my gear!). / 2 – The Continental Divide. On our drive back home it snowed in this spot. Walking even short distances leaves you winded due to the altitude. / 3 – At the start of our hike to Conundrum Hot Springs. / 4 – Aspen forest. The leaves had already changed, but the bare bark was just as beautiful. / 5 – Lake and mountain view on our hike. Absolutely stunning. / 6 – Field that we traipsed across on our hike. / 7 – Colorado gear involves hiking boots and cargo pants. Believe me when I say I got down and dirty on this trip. Colorado is not for the faint of heart. / 8 – Climbing at Clear Creek Canyon. Me in action, watching out climbing world (joking). /  9 – Rocky Mountain National Park, view at the tundra, the place where no grass grows, above tree line. / 10 – Herd of Elk. / 11 – A lake in a small town on the way back into Denver from our camping trip. / 12 – The simply breathtaking view of a bowl on a snow covered mountain (for reference, skiers will often ski “bowls.” Photos take on iPhone and Nikon Cool Pix and copyrighted to me.

Colorado is a state of unparalleled beauty with a simple un-realness to its landscape. Andrew and I spent all of last week there visiting my brother who moved to Denver several months ago. I really can’t put into words how great the week was. My siblings and I all love spending time with each other and it was amazing to see my little brother living in a city he now calls home. The people of Colorado are incredibly active – bicycle lanes are a real thing there and most people just simply love to be outdoors doing anything. The weather is sunny 300 days of the year. My brother taught us how to rock climb (subsequently, I’ve now got the climbing bug and buying gear is our future!) and showed us some amazing sights as well as around his city. We endured an 18 mile hike to Conundrum Hot Springs (or the death hike as I fondly call it) that was just above tree line at 12,000 feet elevation, biked all over the city, camped twice, and saw wildlife. The things we experienced were breathtaking, terrifying, and awe inspiring all at once. This trip gave me such a great perspective on life. And that is that life is truly meant to be grabbed and enjoyed. What purpose is there in stressing yourself with work you don’t enjoy, or to spending weekends watching Netflix, or on activities that no longer fulfill you? I encourage you to build a life you love living and live that life wildly.

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Rest and Relaxation

2014.10.8 NYC SydneyWhite2Photo by Jai Mayhew

I had big plans to stockpile blog posts for the upcoming week, but by the time the end of the week rolled around, anything I would have posted would have felt too much like a space filler, posts to take up time and would have lacked any real substance. I’m turning 30 on Sunday and entering into what I know will be an amazing time of life. I want my life to be filled with quality things I enjoy: friends, family, trips, life; and I want to extend that same level of quality to my blog and site. We’re headed to Denver, CO this week for a fun, no business required week so I’m also taking this time to unplug (while over sharing on Instagram no doubt. You can follow along here) and enjoy the slew of activities we have planned. Think: wineries, skiing, breweries, mountain biking, rock climbing, coffee shops and thrift stores (what, you thought I wouldn’t find a second hand store while gone??). I’m ready!

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Wednesday Chic: Mountain Man

2014.10.12MountainManThere are some days where I just go for the quickest, easiest thing I can find to throw on. Sunday was definitely one of those days. Having just come back from New York the day before, I didn’t have too much energy for creating (or wearing) elaborate outfits. These jeans (and boots) are very old and I should probably get rid of them, but I keep them around for shoots and obviously for days when I don’t feel much like dressing. I referred to this look as my Denver/Mountain look and think it would work well for my trip next week! I felt very rugged and down to earth.

2014.10.12MountainMan42014.10.12MountainMan22014.10.12MountainMan3Outfit details:

sweater – thrifted / tank – H&M / belt – thrifted / jeans – H&M / boots – Fergalicious (hahaha)


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Sydney Page Style: School of Style Graduate!

SOSNYC11 – coffee / 2 – one of the many bridges / 3 – the adorable train station in Speonk which rather inconveniently doesn’t have a physical address

I’m back after a great week in New York City for my very last School of Style class! It just so happened that it worked out to where a one day class for business turned into a few day trip to also visit with my best friend. She lives out (way out) in Long Island. It was simply gorgeous, but it meant a very early morning rail trip into the city for my class.

SOSNYC41 – the amazing view from Tribeca Studios / 2 – typical NYC street + cab photo / 3 – NYC skyline / 4 – Metro

While it was doubtful at times that I could successfully  navigate the NYC train/metro system, I managed (although I did end up walking myself in circle after my train stops thanks to the iPhone maps). I love coming into NYC despite the hectic nature of travel because it’s just so gorgeous and different from my daily life in Richmond. I usually try to venture out during our class lunch breaks to explore the city (like I did when in LA here), but since I had been to NYC a few times before, I opted for a casual lunch with a few awesome classmates.

SOSNYC21 – the view from Tribeca Skyline Studios / 2 – mood boards / 3 – accessory table

The class was located at Tribeca Skyline Studios, an actual studio available for rent for photo shoots. The studio was used to give us an idea of how a studio would be set up for professional shoots – complete with tables for accessories, wardrobe racks, vanity tables, etc. Prior to class, we were given homework of creating a mood board and then presenting it to the class as if the class was our client and we needed to pitch the idea. It was fun to see others’ mood boards and pick up helpful hints (i.e. “name drop” models, designers, etc., point out trends, colors, themes, etc.) for creating a successful pitch that sells your vision.

SOSNYC51 – our class! / 2 – learning to set up wardrobe racks / 3 – accessories table / 4 – shoes / 5 – merchandising racks / 6 – wardrobe hacks and the kit

This class is focused on preparing stylists for “set life:” learning how to merchandise clothes, accessories and shoes; setting up wardrobe racks quickly and efficiently without hurting anyone (tougher than it sounds); learning the ins and outs of your kit and what you need to have to be prepared for all things style related. As always, I loved the class and while I was familiar with some aspects having done wardrobe shoots for a while, I always learn something new. The greatest thing about finishing the classes? I am now in the Style Society where I get jobs in the industry emailed directly to me. Now, how often I am able to take advantage of them we will see since most jobs are in LA or NYC, but I am definitely planning on applying to a few NYC jobs next year so I can add to my portfolio and resume. If you are interested in styling in any way, these classes are a must!

Note – I wasn’t compensated for this post. It’s just a review of my recent experience and how much I love SOS!





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Shop in Style: Julie Vos

JulieVos-OneKingsLanePhoto via One Kings Lane

A few weeks before New York Fashion week, I was contacted by a representative from Julie Vos, a New York based jewelry designer, with a company of the same name, who specializes in semi-precious stones and luxe gold settings. Julie Vos offered to send me a few pieces as a way to promote the launch of her new website. Julie’s designs have been featured in magazines such as Marie Claire, Lucky, InStyle, Martha Stewart, and also have been featured on the covers of Oprah Magazine and Real Simple. She has also graced the internet pages of One Kings Lane. Her design aesthetic is one of “wearable luxury” that source semi-precious stones and gold in gorgeous textures and rich colors at a price that makes it easy to grow a collection of fine jewelry.


When I received the offer, I was surprised but pleased and immediately picked out a few pieces (as Christmas presents for some women in my family!). The items arrived in the best packaging: a look book, personalized note, and even a special pouch for the jewels. The pieces themselves are gorgeous, which can easily be attested to with one look at the Julie Vos website. Each piece is made with very high quality stones and plated with gold. The prices were certainly higher than I am used to paying for jewelry as I tend to wear more costume jewelry that I’ve found second hand, but I do splurge on special pieces that will grow my collection. The prices range between $20-$400 with the “Friday Deal” section always having great finds. I promise that as soon as Christmas rolls around, I’ll share what pieces and who received what!

JVFinal4As a special offer to my readers, Julie Vos is offering 20% off sitewide with the code “wordpress” applied at checkout. If you purchase any items, please share! I’d love to know what you are loving.

This post was sponsored by Julie Vos and compensation in the form of product was provided. All opinions are my own.

 UPDATE – this post originally said the discount promo code was “chicstripes”. It has been updated to “wordpress” as of 10/12/14.


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